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Elections in Iran

15. Juni 2009 um 23:19 Uhr von Atari-Frosch

Usually I don't post in English. Not because I cannot speak English, but because I think the most topics I post about are not interesting enough for an international audience. To be honest, it is because I'm too lazy. 😉

This is not the time to be so lazy. After a weekend with friends from other towns and without time for news and internet, after a fantastic and outstanding Japanese firework my friends and I watched from the Rhine tower (the television tower of Düsseldorf) I had to find out that there is a very different kind of firework going on in Iran.

Last night when all guests were gone I had time for internet again, and when I started my messenger, almost immediately an Iranian friend came up with the news that Iran has become a dangerous place. I knew that the Iranian election had taken place last Friday, it was in our news, but I didn't know what happened then. Now I had to learn that this election must have been spoofed. The manipulations are so amateurish that even a child could read the signs.

These spoofings are bad enough. But then „persian darkness” showed me pictures which make me really concerning and sad. On photos and videos I see policemen thrashing people, even women and children, with truncheons. „Persian darkness” told me that they even beat people who didn't protest at all, just because they were there. He said, parts of the Iranian police refused to attack the own compatriots. But there are other „security people”, he thinks they are from Palestine, who don't mind. They don't speak much Persian or no Persian at all, but Arabic, and they thrash everyone who doesn't or cannot run away fast enough. Groups of these terror groups drive through Tehran using motor bikes, and they are literally hunting protesting people.

Iranian TV and radio stations don't mention all this. Ahmadinejad talks about a „new Iran”, and his challenger Mousavi, who is possibly the true winner of this election, is placed under house arrest at the same time. Is that Ahmadinejad's new Iran? Terror to the own people, no other opinions allowed, spoofed elections? The Iranian people are calling for democracy, and all they get is blood. Three people already died in the fights between protesters and police, the number of hurted people has not yet been reported, so it is unknown.

German media are well aware of what's going on. Journalists have been expelled or must not leave their hotel rooms. Others say that they are no more allowed to report anything. A correspondent for the ARD (Working Group of the Broadcasting Corporations of the Federal Republic of Germany) wrote that Iranian opposition has told this a putsch planned by Ahmadinejad and some other organisers. He reports that a short time before the election a follower of Mousavi said into their microphone: „Now there are two possibilities. If Mousavi wins the election, there will probably be a revolt by the ruler. If Ahmadinejad wins, then a war against Israel is very likely. These two possibilities can happen.”

Mir Hossein Mousavi wrote a letter to the Iranian people, telling them they shall „not surrender to this dangerous plot”. [URL no longer available, 2016-06-14]

Iranian people — I don't know how many, but it seems enough of them — know how to avoid the censorship, which is stronger than ever. Although Ahmadinejad and his men try to keep the information about the protests under the carpet, the Iranians know about the manipulations and about the governmental terror groups. Today „persian darkness” told me, more than 3 million people demonstrated in Tehran (German media talk about nearly one million, I guess the truth is somewhere between). The answer of the government: Death. [Former URL contains malware, 2016-06-14]

The German Federal foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier criticized the Iranian government today. He said, the force against the protesters is unacceptable. He has ordered the Iranian ambassador to the foreign office. Additionally he criticized the obstructioning of foreign journalists and said, it can not be acquiesced that German journalists must not leave their hotel rooms and use their right of reporting. Source: [article on no longer available, 2016-06-14]. Interesting detail: He does not (yet?) criticize the spoofing of the election.

I really, really hope for my friends and all people in Iran, that this terror ends soon and without any more deaths or hurtings. I hope that you can win the fight for democracy, peace, justice and freedom. Take care!


3 Kommentare zu “Elections in Iran”

  1. Wahl im Iran ::: Unterstützen der Demonstrierenden  uteles Blog  quakte:

    […] atari-frosch bloggt ausnahmsweise englisch über die Iran-Elections, damit möglichst viele den Artikel lesen können. Merken und weiterempfehlen Diese Icons verlinken auf Bookmark Dienste bei denen Nutzer neue Inhalte finden und mit anderen teilen können. […]

  2. Stefan quakte:

    Actually, I am not sure if they will reach something, because obviously there seem to be some supporters of the old regime, of Ahmadinejad. I thought about it for some time and wasn’t it like that in Thailand? At first the demonstrators won, then the former rulers were the new demonstrators and everything switched back? I hope for them that they can win this demonstration, or even this revolution and start a new thing without other people imposing pressure on them.

    The old system has to be removed and a new system must be established. The old regime cannot bring any further achievements for this country. New ideas have to be risen and implemented.

    Fight for your right, fight for democracy, fight for future!

  3. Persian Darkness quakte:

    Hi Sabine …

    thanks for this English Post …

    great work …