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Borders are falling

29. Januar 2011 um 3:06 Uhr von Atari-Frosch

Sometimes, when something special happens in the world, borders seem to fall. I saw this happening in the last hours when reading and watching reports about the ongoing protests in Egypt.

  • Groups and even companies from different countries offer access to communication media including internet dialups to the people in Egypt. Especially internet access is offered for free via dialups in France, Sweden, Spain, and USA.
  • People in Germany are watching Al Jazeera English: Auf @AJELive sehe ich die Mubarak-Rede. Auf @N24_de läuft Werbung. #schämteuch Means: On Al Jazeera Live I see the speech of Mubarak. On N24 they show advertisings. shame on you. N24 is a German TV station broadcasting news and information all day.
  • After I had linked to a picture on the website of „Enduring America” about the protests headed by the text Walk Like an Egyptian on twitter, a Japanese account cited from my tweet and mentioned me as source. I never thought I'd ever be cited by someone from the other side of the world.
  • Sana Saleem tweeted: While Muslim Protestors prayed today, Christian Egyptians formed human chains to protect them. Solidarity, strength and co-existence.
  • Thomas Byrnes thanked the German Piratenradio for the audio relay of the video broadcast on Al Jazeera's website. If I understood that tweet right, Thomas, who lives in Ramallah (West Bank, Palestine) at the moment, was listening to that audio stream from Germany because his internet connection was too slow to receive the original video broadcast.

Borders are falling.

On days like this I really feel moved.

Oh ... why I write this in English? I have read and heard more English than German today. 😉


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  1. vera quakte:

    Damn right you are. What a day! Und die Ideen beim Reizzentrum haben mir noch mal richtig Auftrieb gegeben 🙂


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